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Infinity Gym @Sooka Sentral, KL

Many years ago, I joined a gym called Synar Gym and blogged about my experience. Then it changed to Clark Hatch International (CHI) gym. Yesterday, as i was passing KL Sentral, i decided to re-visit this gym. It was a Saturday, so Sooka Sentral (the building next to KL Sentral) was deserted. My fave 'kopitiam' - Killiney has closed its oultlet there (they have kaya spread like how my Nyonya grandma used to make). The pub on the ground floor has changed to Starbucks & The Teh Tarik Place. It was around 5pm, so the place is not happening yet.

I took the glass lift to the 6th floor and was pleasantly surprised when it opened into INFINITY GYM!

I sheepishly told the reception that i was expecting CHI was on a nostalgic trip to see the former Synar Gym. Oh,..that was a loooong time ago, they said. Hmmm..they know the history. Good. They have been well-briefed. Lucas came to my assistance and took me for a tour of the facilities. 

The main difference i can see is the ambience & more lounge friendly. I can see myself unwinding in this place, while reading or interacting with my gadgets.

Having opened just a month ago,  further renovations are on the way for a juice bar and pool table.

Having always to rush around chasing appointments, i would hate to have to chase my GX classes (group exercise classes) too. So if i can come earlier and lepak a bit, catch my breath while waiting for the next class or interacting with other members, motivation to attend classes would be higher.

 My first stop - i asked to see was the locker rooms. Why?. That's my "favourite place".  Bright, cheerful looker doors always never fails to perk me up, especially when i used to drag myself from my home in Ampang (an hour and half away) to the gym en route to my workplace in PJ.  
The gym proper is on the 5th floor. So after the locker room change, you stroll down to the gym floor. GX and spinning rooms are also on the same level.  There's even a lighted circular dance floor!!  Even though its has opened its doors for only a month, there were already members busy with their workout. From the GX timetable, i see many dance-related class like Zumba, amongst the usual Les Mills. This should be fun to do :)  There's a separate room for yoga too.
There's personal training too with 3 Malaysian trainers and many imported trainers with between 5-15 years experience in weight loss, weight gain and weight-lifting experience. Fees are of course according to market rates. You can take 10, 20, 30 & 60-sessions (of course with better rates for more sessions.)  

Note on PERSONAL TRAINING (in general) :
Having done many PT sessions myself, my personal suggestion is - 10 sessions would be good for the beginner provided u are committed to make a change. 20-30 sessions would be for the serious ones who have a specific goal to achieve. 

But pls remember, the trainer is there to guide u, educate u on how to make the most of your body BUT IF YOU CONTINUE to live a careless lifestyle of heavy nasi lemak or bak kut teh and endless cups of teh tarik or coffee, then YOU WILL BE WASTING your time, effort & $$.  However, an occasional half portion intake of calorie-laden food IS OK, balanced by more REAL FOOD, not processed food on most days. 'Clean' (non-processed, no additives) food, water & sleep are essential components to ensure that u make the most of your investment in PT.  

So dont just look at the $$ of hiring a personal trainer but see if u can really be committed in terms of time, effort & concentration and ensure that the personal trainer is committed to take care of your well-being. I've been to large chain fitness centers (with many outlets) that force the poor trainer to be more focused on selling sessions than training & motivating clients. So in that sense, a more personalized gym would be preferred.  This the first Infinity Gym in Malaysia. If i have the resources, i would give them a chance.

The Rock is still there. Can u see it on the right? Soon they will have classes for  rock climbing. The lighted dance floor in the centre is a new addition. 

Note the opening hours

Gym machine equipment is standard Techno Gym & Star Tac. A good mix. But one must not judge a gym by the number & types of machines. It's the knowledge of how to maximise the potential of these machines that matters. Beginners and senior citizens can start with machines that allow u to target specific muscles. Good for those who need to rehab. Many people i meet suffer from knee-related illness and injury. Talk to the personal trainers and find one that has experience in rehab. It will be worth it to get PT sessions to learn how to strengthen your body. AND then remember, once u reach the goal, u must continue to MAINTAIN it or else muscle strength will deteriorate and it's back to square one. Well, not exactly, cos now u have the knowledge and experience. So, the answer is TO CHANGE your mindset. UBAH! 

Exercise not to achieve a goal only. You must continue after that to maintain and even improve yourself. However, the concept of balance prevails. Too much working out and pushing yourself to the limit will cause degeneration & overuse leading to injury. 
How to get to Sooka? Exit KL Sentral through the Departure Hall (near CIMB, MBB).

Cross the road using the pedestrial crossing. You will see Aloft Hotel  on the left. Just follow the  path to the right and u will see Starbucks. Enter the building. Take the lift to 6th floor. and you're there!

Aloft Hotel at the junction
UPDATE (25 October 2013) :
Since my first visit (as blogged above) I have been in contact with them and here's their new Facebook Page.


binwei said...

Am currently enjoying the corporate rate membership (discounted rate) with infiniti gym, however my office is moving. would anyone like to resume the corporate rate benefit through a transfer? remaining of 6 mths membership.

binwei said...

Hi, I am currently subscribing to the corporate rate membership at a discounted rate of RM110 with infiniti gym, however my office is moving. would anyone like to resume the corporate rate benefit through a name transfer at the gym? remaining of 6 mths membership. For me to terminate the membership there is a surcharge, but to transfer it is FOC.

Vicky Teddy said...

Can you tell about the membership rates all .... its would be great. .

Peba Pebz said...

hey, binwei!.my name is peba, and im interested on continuing your membership.

Bavani Sivalingam said...

Hi bin wei, my name is Bavani. I'm interested on continuing your gym membership. Please let me know how to go about it. Thank you

emily said...

Hey binwei,

Interested on the membership transfer. May contact me via, thanks =)

Anonymous said...

Hey binwei I'm interested ... pls email me at

Darween Naidu said...

Bin Wei, I will be keen to continue your membership since my office is now moving to KL Sentral.

PLease get in touch with me asap.

Darween Naidu said...

Hi BinWei,
Will be keen to continue your membership, please get in touch asap - my office is now moving into KL Sentral and since internal gym is yet to be ready, this is a viable proposition.

Anonymous said...

hai binwei. i would like to continue our membership. kindly contact me tq

Azurebluesky said...

Hi, my office is moving out from KL Central. I am willing to sell out my corporate rate membership.

Any interested parties please email me at angie dot azurebluesky alias gmail dot com

Thank you ya.

Hairul said...

hai guy..i looking anybody who want transfer their infinity gym's membership can contact(sms/whatsapp) me directly..0133445703 or email kereta769 (at) gmail dot com

danish yusof said...

Hye..anyone wanna transfer their corporate rate gym?email me at


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