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Yoga - size does not hinder, if you don't give up

This man shows that if you stick to it and do gradually and consistently, then the results will come

Monday, 8 December 2014

It's all about changing habits... to stay fit

I agree with him when he said, - it's not so much about motivation n will-power... it's more abt changing bad habits and creating new habits.

  • Pick new behaviors you want (not things you “should” do).
  • Make it really easy to do the behaviors.
  • Make sure there’s something that prompts you to do the behavior.
  • Find a way to feel good immediately after doing the behavior.

  • Read more to learn why & how..

    Friday, 7 November 2014

    Are u doing your gym workouts correctly?

    People go to the gym to exercise. That's the premise. bu i see some go, sit on the stationery bike & pedal leisurely while checking their smartphones... and they wonder why no result? Waste of time only la the gym - they say.

    My trainer has a saying - PLAN your workout for success. You must also know the basics of exercise & fat loss, like intensity, form, posture, speed of reps, correct weights to use, etc.

    Here r some tips & reasons WHY U R NOT LOSING WEIGHT, even if u go to the gym religiously!,,20793631_7,00.html

    I'd just like to add that besides exercising, you must also :

    • drink enuff  PLAIN WATER   -   to flush our toxins & help your increased metabolism
    • have enuff SLEEP   -  so that u will hv enuff energy the next day, feel refresh & optimistic
    • REST 24hrs in between workout days   -  so that your muscles can build up stronger after u break them down during intense workout 
    • If u dont feel tired after a workout (which includes weight training) and therefore can do it everyday, u are not doing it with enuff INTENSITY.  Doing your workout intensely for a short time is often better than doing low intensity w/out for long periods
    • EAT clean  ie, not food from a bottle, packet or box. Seasoning should be from natural ingredients, encouraged with a little salt & black pepper, herbs & spices.
    • Dont eat DIET FOOD, ie. no sugar added, low fat, less this & that. Why? Cos it is most probably substituted wth some chemical additives to give artificial flavour
    • Learn to READ LABELS on boxes, if u still need processed foods as an occasional snack (aw..we r no angel). Easiest is to see the ingredients list. If sugar is the first on the list that means it has the most. Cunning manufacturers disguise the sugar content by breaking it into different words. Any words ending with -crose is sugar (think - sucrose, fructose)
    • Concentrate on your ASSETS, not your flaws. If u are a XXXL size, dont keep talking about how u wish u were at least an L. Instead, tell yourself how beautiful your hair looks / feels, what lovely brown eyes u have, ..
    • Dont dramatise your weight-watching effort. Dont say u need to go on diet and continue to discuss your trials & failures and end up feeling like a loser. Instead, when lunching with colleagues/fren/family, just avoid the heavy stuff n order light.  If people comment - "wah eating so healthy", just say - i like this food.. be as convincing as possible cos u need to CONVINCE yourself that u actually like it.
    • Learn to LIKE HEALTHIER FOODS so that u will not feel deprived and end up sabotaging your efforts.  We r our own worst enermy. So CHANGE PERSPECTIVE and become your own cheerleader!
    • TREAT YOURSELF to expensive, healthy food like that RM15 delicious, succulent plums/peaches /persimmons (Nature's candy) instead of paying RM15 for a frappucino.
    Can u think of any more tips? Would love to hear your suggestions..

    Tuesday, 4 November 2014

    Self-care - make taking care of yourself a priority

    I like these tips for staying happy - SELF-CARE & SELF LOVE

    At first i thot this was narcissistic. I've always felt tht caring for others is utmost important. The motto for Rotary Club comes to mind  - "Service Above Self"

    But lately, I've come to understand the actual meaning of Self-Care, Self Love.  Its a balance between helping others and satisfying your own needs.  Not an easy thing to do. If u spend too much energy on yourself, you may become self-centred and demanding.

    Sometimes, you have to sacrifice for others and other times you got to look out for your own interest. How do we tell when? Wisdom of age, i guess. Trial & error. SWOT analysis, etc.

    Here are 9 self-care essentials from

    1. Feed yourself the best foods when possible. Decide to make food a priority for yourself; even for just a short while. Chances are, you’ll feel better at the end of that process, with increased energy and clarity.

    2. Move everyday. Our bodies are made for movement. Find time to move daily and to exercise three days a week.

    3. Make sleep a priority.  While sleeping, we repair damaged tissues and organs, we metabolize hormones our body no longer needs, and our brains use this time to organize our thoughts and experiences, and to make permanent neurological links (memories) for the learning we experienced that day.

    4. Develop a breathing & meditation practice.  When we breathe fully, using our diaphragm, the parasympathetic nervous system becomes engaged. This is the rest and relax system of the body, the opposite of the sympathetic nervous system, which engages during times of crisis or arousal, and which for many people is on much of the time. 

    Allowing the body and mind to believe that all is okay and that it can rest and relax comes with breathing deeply and provides an opportunity for significant repair to the body. Meditation enhances this process further as it allows the brain to change its activity and release calming neurotransmitters. 

    5. If possible, do something you really enjoy daily. Whatever activity you choose to do, don’t feel guilty about taking the time to do it; remember it’s feeding your soul and increasing your joy. 

    6. Tweak your supplement routine. Many people are lacking in Vitamin D3, iron, digestive enzymes, probiotics, omega-3 or other key nutrients. Using specific foods will enhance your feeling of wellness and energy. 

    7. Get outside. Time in nature is extremely restorative. Visually feasting on the beauty and wonder of nature, placing our feet on the earth, our body in water, and breathing in fresh air is a great act of kindness towards out bodies and minds. 

    8. Make time to be alone. 

    9. Develop a gratitude practice. Begin your day with an affirmation, something that builds resiliency in your mind and heart. Begin your affirmation with an intention.Then, end your day with gratitude.

    Source :

    Saturday, 1 November 2014

    Ladies need muscle

    Gurls (young & old) still tell me they dont want muscles, thinking that they will look like Mighty Mouse! Personally, having muscle means i'm toned & fit & strong & mentally stronger - No one can pick on me now!

    Here's a very good article to explain DO & Dont's when doing strength training to build muscle...Read it & remember..

    Regardless of age, having an adequate amount of muscle mass allows you to function normally in your day-to-day activities without undue fatigue and strain. Further, more muscle mass (above that required for activities of daily living) gives you enhanced strength and function and affords an increased level of protection against musculoskeletal injury. Health-related outcomes of having increased muscle mass include better bone mineral density and improved body composition (i.e., a better ratio of lean mass to body fat). In addition, the psychological benefit of feeling strong and looking fit is an important motivational factor for adhering to a tough workout program for many exercise enthusiasts and athletes, alike.
    Over the past several decades, exercise science researchers have discovered three basic mechanisms for growing muscle: 1) mechanical tension, 2) muscle damage and 3) metabolic stress (Schoenfeld, 2010). The type of program for increasing muscle mass is called hypertrophy training, which is based on techniques used by bodybuilders to perfect their physiques. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to benefit from these evidence-based techniques. The following list provides tips for exactly what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to building muscle.
    Yes  - Do: Contract your muscles against resistance and create some damage.
    X -  Don’t: Lift light weights.
    Whether you choose to do challenging bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups, or traditional weight-lifting moves like bench presses and lat pull-downs, you are contracting muscles against a resistive load, thereby creating mechanical tension. Mechanical tension is the amount of tension developed by muscle fibers in response to a stimulus, and in this case the stimulus is resistance exercise. Researchers believe that this type of tension slightly damages the muscle tissue, causing a growth response. Further, eccentric movements, like the lowering part of an exercise, cause the most damage and are necessary for optimum muscle growth. Lastly, be sure to lift progressively heavier weight loads and/or perform harder bodyweight exercises as you become stronger. Performing endless repetitions with a light weight does not promote muscle growth.
    Yes - Do: Create metabolic muscle stress by choosing the right duration for your sets.
    X - Don’t: Perform the repetitions too quickly.
    First, you must create mechanical tension within the muscles as described above, then you must keep the muscles exposed to that tension long enough for a buildup of various metabolites (e.g., lactate, hydrogen ion, inorganic phosphate and creatine) to occur. This process creates a metabolic stress in muscle tissue that triggers hypertrophic growth. Practically speaking, muscles must experience a load that they are unaccustomed to and they must experience that load for a certain duration (known as “time under tension”). That is, muscle fibers that are engaged between 30 to 90 seconds of time under tension per set tend to respond by increasing in thickness. For example, an effective repetition strategy is to perform the concentric action, or the upward movement, at fast or moderate speeds (1 to 3 seconds) and perform the eccentric action at slower speeds (2 to 4 seconds). So, a set of 10 repetitions performed at a concentric speed of 2 seconds and an eccentric speed of 4 seconds takes about 60 seconds to complete. Lastly, when it comes to building muscle, the number of sets matters. While there are benefits to performing just one set of an exercise such as improved strength and muscular fitness, multiple set routines (between four to six sets) are required for optimum hypertrophy.
    Yes - Do: Choose the right rest interval between sets.
    X - Don’t: Wait too long between sets.
    Resting about 60 seconds between sets appears to be the best option for muscle hypertrophy. Waiting much longer than a minute to perform your next set compromises the metabolic-stress aspect of training, while resting for less than 60 seconds doesn’t allow enough recuperation for the muscle to perform well in the subsequent set.
    Yes - Do: Plan your rest days appropriately.
    X - Don’t: Work the same muscle groups too often.
    Allowing muscles to rest and regenerate between challenging workouts will keep your muscle-building goals on track and help prevent overuse injuries due to overtraining. Bodybuilders have figured out how to work around this important principle by performing split routines. These allow them to train most days of the week by focusing on specific muscles each day. An example of a split routine is to work the chest, shoulders and triceps on Monday, followed by legs on Wednesday, and finish with back and biceps on Friday. Evidence supports the practice of waiting 72 hours before training the same muscle group again to allow for adequate muscle repair, especially for exercisers who employ multi-set training.
    Putting It All Together
    To provoke muscle hypertrophy, use the approaches above for planning your next workout. In summary, the variables of time under tension and load (weight) are manipulated through exercise program designs that call for six to 12 repetitions (which typically take between 30 to 90 seconds to complete) for four to six sets at a weight that causes muscle fatigue by the end of each set. Plan on performing resistance exercises for each muscle group once or twice a week for several months to allow the body to adapt to this increased volume of targeted exercise before expecting any appreciable gains in hypertrophy. Also, pay attention to muscle soreness after your workouts and postpone training the area again until the soreness has subsided. You definitely want to allow adequate rest between multi-set workouts so the soft tissues and the joints have time to recover and resist injury.
    Schoenfeld, B.J. (2010). The mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy and their application to resistance training.Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 2010, 24, 10, 2857–72. doi: 10.1519/JSC.0b013e3181e840f3. Review.

    Thursday, 20 March 2014

    Tales on the Cross Trainer - How to motivate yourself?

    The rain came. The haze washed away. Water usage is reduced due rationing. Levels at dam has risen. There is HOPE n ENTHUSIASM!

    So to the still disgruntled self I picked up my bag n shoes n head to the gym next door.  go easy i tell myself. U r need to build stamina gradually.. OK la..

    Decided on the elliptical. chose Personal trainer mode n entered 62kg 30min Level 5. i always put 30mins. But i first start, it was hard. The  body was hard. but i pushed on.. Enlisted the aid of my MP3 and chose a moderately paced song and i was on my way- huffing n puffing.

    Personal trainer - aerobics mode. This is pre-programmed with instructions to
    * pull with arms
    * push with arms
    * maintain a least 9km/hr (high intensity)
    * return to 4-5km/hr (recovery)
    * maintain own pace
    * use lower body only-hands off handle (core / stability training) but for safety keep hands near to handles,be alert n slower pace
    * ride backwards
    * ride forward
    repeated a few times

    The first 4 mins is always a struggle.. so it tell myself we'll do till 10 min only. But by then i feel stronger. The the calorie meter shows abt 50 cal. Its disheartening cos my target today is 200 cal. U begin to think how on earth can ever reach 200?

    The mind is a wonderful n dangerous playground, wrought with negative thots at every corner. so we need to be sneaky.  OK la.. i tell myself 20 min only.. dont want to wear myself out...(am pandering to my negative side). But when i reach 150 cal mark, my 'kiasu' (competitve) side takes over and am now eager to reach 200..and more. so i fiddle with buttons n increase time to 35 min.

    Sunday, 16 March 2014

    It's cyclical.. look for the motivation within

    Its close to 2am and I'm still up! Gotta to sleep so that i can go to the gym tomorrow morning but I have a confession.. I have not been to the gym for a long time!!
    Infiniti and Beyond (Gym), KL Sentral
    Each time i set the alarm and drag myself up, i feel so tired (eventhough i make sure i sleep b4 midnight). Sometimes i geared up, almost out of the door, then i fall back into my couch and snooze a bit more and the time is lost and i have to get ready for work.

    As expected, i am losing muscle, feeling achy, bloating up and spend most of my free time looking for new up-sized clothes...


    It's not the first time this has happened. I'm beginning to think that this is CYCLICAL..much like my work and other commitments.

    I must NOT fret. I must NOT panic. I need to KEEP TRYING, KEEP MAKING THE EFFORT. DONT GIVE UP!!... I keep telling myself but at this time of the nite (or wee morning) it seems hopeless...

    My brain is crammed with all kinds of feelings - worry, sadness, disappointment sandwiched with hopes & jitters of a new venture and being overwhelmed with more things to do. It is said that working out relives and removes stress but it requires PUSH to make it literally out of my home, into the gym!!

    I should try this :
    Our country, Malaysia is facing a lot of challenges. The drought has resulted in haze and water rationing and talks of price increases. Then the missing plane has everyone so worried....

    Hope things turn out better in the near future.

    PRAY FOR MH370

    Sunday, 12 January 2014

    Can i run again?

    Using a resistance band, u can do it anywhere!
    There's hope! I may have a chance to run again. I suffered from ankle pain and took a long time to recover. After that i dared not run. Hung up my running shoes (actually lost them in a cab - it's a sign).

    Being able to run is important to me cos throughout  my schooling life, i was always the joke at PE time. I'd either be the last or can't finish the course. No stamina, no motivation. Then a few years ago when i joined a gym, I found that i could! I had the encouragement too from the trainers, which lead me to be brave enough to tackle a 5 km run. It was just a fun run. But i was challenging myself, my past, my fears. It was exhilarating! I managed to complete the SHAPE Nite Run for 3 consecutive years. But after the last run, my legs (ankles) were worn out. I was worried.

    But this article from ACE  i read today gave me hope. And it is pure common sense! Why have i not considered this? My legs are overused. I need to strengthen them. Then i can run again. Simple as that.

    December 20, 2013, 12:00AM PT in Fitnovatives Blog  |  0 Comments

    Strength Train Your Way to a Great Race Day

    Many runners’ resist resistance training and many weightlifters run away from running. Alas, there are great benefits from hitting the road AND hitting the weights. Strength and endurance are actually just the two ends of the performance continuum, not mortal enemies. Here are some exercises to reduce running-related injuries and possibly kick up your pace a notch.
    Running-related injuries occur for a variety of reasons, including poor biomechanics, which may put strain on some structures. Poor biomechanics are often caused unbalanced muscle strength (agonist and antagonist pairs) or incorrect firing patterns. For example, if you have a tight hamstring on one side, the adjacent joints (hip and ankle) on that same side (ipsilateral) may have to adjust for the lack of movement, or structures on the opposite side (contralateral) must compensate and withstand undue stress. Strengthening programs can often restore balance and proper firing of the system.
    Too Much or Too Often = Frequently Injured
    Resistance exercise can serve as an injury-protection policy, the great equalizer or the turbo-boost you may need during the race. The purpose of resistance training is simple—it makes parts stronger, including your muscles, the tendons that connect muscles to bones, and the ligaments and cartilage in the joints that give them stability. Many injuries in running occur from overuse. In repeated trauma injuries, no single movement or trauma is enough to cause injury, but repeated trauma will eventually cause a breakdown. Recovery from minor trauma, as well as having stronger muscles and supporting structures will prevent this.

    How to train to strengthen my legs?

    Thanks to ACE! (American Council on Exercise) - the body who trains & certifies personal trainers.

    Friday, 20 December 2013

    Which shoe ?

    How important is it to get proper sport / exercise shoes?

    Thursday, 24 October 2013

    Week 2 - Something wrong in my plan

    My next PT session was with Nick. His tall, commanding physique was at first intimidating for little ol' me. But we soon warmed up and were chatting about his passion for training clients. With 13 years of experience behind him, he has trained many clients from all stations in life and of various fitness goals. He has had many successes cos he is firm and goal-oriented.

    So before starting, he put me on the In-Body machine again as he wanted to correctly assess my fitness level and make recommendations.




    WEIGHT .. true to my scales, ..i had dropped from 63.3kg to 61.3kg   (recommended 50kg)

    but before i could do a victory dance, we noticed... What?  MUSCLE Mass also dropped from 20.2 to 18.9kg

    And worse FAT Mass increased!  Oh dear.. how could this be??

    Nick asked for my food and exercising details of the past week. Yup, he said - not enough strength training to build back muscle tissues lost during my extreme 'dieting' which i thought i was just doing 'clean eating'

    • Not eating enough protein. In my eagerness to cut down on calories and increase veggie intake (as is the common advice given by everyone), i had left out the protein part too, due to portion control (eating less).
    • Lack of strength / resistance training.  The common advice - do cardio to lose weight. So i did ONLY that. MISTAKE! I did not do any strength training.  EXERCISE should be a COMBINATION of cardio & strength training. Cardio increases one's stamina & metabolic rate which in turn burns calories. BUT i was burning away my muscles too. I should have re-read this article

    Weight Loss vs Fat Loss: It’s NOT The Same Thing!

    People often say they want to lose weight. This is sort of a dumb statement, because “weight” can be a few different things. For example… water, glycogen, muscle or fat. Hell, you can cut off a leg and you’ll lose “weight” just fine.
    In reality however, what most of us want to lose is fat, NOT muscle.
    Now, despite some of the crazy things you may have heard before about how to lose fat, the truth is that there is just one major requirement… a caloric deficit.
    As I’ve explained 1000 times before (for example: Calories In vs Calories Out), a caloric deficit is what happens when you consume less calories than your body needs to burn for energy performing all of the tasks it needs to perform over the course of the day (move, breathe, pump blood, digest food, etc.).
    When that caloric deficit is present, your body is forced to find some alternative source of energy on your body to burn instead. Ideally, this would ONLY be your ugly stored body fat. However, it can also be your pretty lean muscle tissue.
    Sure, you might want your body to just burn body fat and not muscle, but your body doesn’t really give a crap about what you want. It just knows that in order for it to survive and function under the current conditions, it will need to pull stored energy from somewhere. And that can mean fat, muscle or a combination of both.
    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do everything you can to improve the fat:muscle loss ratio as much as possible and basically signal your body to maintain ALL of your muscle and ONLY burn body fat.
    Let's say ego got the better of me. After 7 years doing training at the gym & writing fitness blogs, i thot i knew what to do... NOT necessarily. We must always RESEARCH/REVISE.  I had forgotten what i learned cos LACK of practicing what i knew. For sometime, i was not living out what i knew, what i had learned. I was slacking. It happens! 
    Reasons why it's good to have an experienced Personal Trainer
    • To MONITOR what you do. 
    • They are trained to make a TRAINING PLAN specific to each client because everyone has different needs & pains (haha)!. 
    • They can CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES and save u time & money & frustration trying to figure out what is the best way. 
    • You can read blogs & websites for background information and learn the proper lingo to avoid miscommunications and as a REVISION of what u learned during your short PT session. 
    A trainer can do only so much, but u need to put in the effort, or else u will get slow results and end up having to spend even more in extending PT sessions. And do remember that the body is NOT MADE OF CONCRETE. Once u achieve your goals, u need to maintain (continue exercise but not so intensely) to keep it toned. The best is to WORK IT INTO your lifestyle. Make exercising as important as having that morning coffee or brushing your teeth.

    Back to my training session with Nick
    As usual, i was having some aches and pains in my knees. So i asked Nick. He observed, he listened. Then he pressed a section above my knee cap. Ouch, ouch! he got the spot. He told me, it was not my knee, per se. It was the tendons joining my quads (QUADRICEPS muscles in front of my legs) to my knee joint that was over-strained and so hurt. To illustrate, he sketched the quads, tendon and joint.

    Oh I see. that makes sense.  My quads (quadricep muscles, upper thigh) were not strong anymore and so each time i walked, to balance, my body compensated by pulling at my tendons and joint. And because i depend on my legs a lot - to walk, climb stairs and stand, the tendons do get strained a lot and hence the pain and feeling of weakness, helplessness, depressing mood,...

    I went back having benefited from my brief time with Nick. For the next week i did the leg strengthening exercises (LEG EXTENSION, LEG PRESS, SQUADS) he recommended and my pain has disappeared!!! Wow..SEE! with his many years of experience, Nick was able to spot and pint point exactly my problem and offer a solution.

    THANKS, Nick
    THANKS to Infiniti Fitness & Beyond

    p.s. I suspect this is one of the reasons why older ladies and men always complain of 'knee pain'. Maybe it's not the knee, but the tendons, dear! So before u run to do knee replacements, let's do quad strengthening exercises (no running, no sweat, no pain ones la) to reduce the need for surgery. But if have been having this for a long time, do check with a doctor.

    Knee pain is usually suffered by those over 50, partly due to excess weight and lack of strength training. Watch the video, but a reminder - before doing any of the exercises, stand straight. Suck in the tummy (to prevent back pain) and lift leg or dumbells with face facing forward and FEEL STRONG, but start slow. Dont swing the dumbells. At the start, the mini dumbell looks easy. Hah..wait la.. Do this slooooowly and after 5 or 10 (depend on your strength level) u will FEEEL the BURN.. It's a GOOOOOD feeling. Feeling of accomplishment, of body strengthening or you saving money not having medical problems later, feeling of being in control and CONFIDENCE - who says 50 year olds are OLD???

    But commonsense must prevail at all times. Put the ego aside. Don't over do. What is overdo? Do the recommended or less if this is the first time. CONSISTENCY is the secret to being strong. Strong for 50 year olds does not mean being a body-builder. Strong means that u can walk without support, a cane or arm to hang on. You have physical independence. You have relief from nagging pain.  You can go on tours, travel, see the world, chase after grand children,..NOT a burden to others.

    Try these simple exercises :

    Saturday, 19 October 2013

    Week 1 : Going clean

    I made a pledge to go clean and go went about cooking and eating only what i considered healthy and 'clean' (not processed or minimally processed foods).

    I started by revamping my pantry. This is how my grocery shopping cart looked like.
    for FOOD JOURNAL which will give the detailed day-by-day meals i have concocted and outside meals through my 1st week of my Fitness Plan.. Wish me luck & strength!

    Thursday, 17 October 2013

    Infiniti Fitness & Beyond to the rescue!

    The body is living complex organism that constantly changes. Now matter how fit u were before, if u take it for granted the end result is this --> lost of stamina, increase in body fat and lots of pains & aches..and boo hoo - u cant fit into your favourite, stylish clothes anymore. End up wearing tent-like clothes to cover bulges!

    Due to taking on too many projects and trying to do everything, something had to give. Unfortunately, it was my fitness that gave way. People are fond of saying - burning the candle on both sides. For me it was a bonfire, burning from both ends & the middle too!

    From a cheongsam wearable bod in 2012 to 37" waistline in 2013. I was in panic mode and very disappointed with myself. That created a vicious cycle of comfort eating-> regret->and more binge-ing. There were sporadic attempts of trying to get out of this cycle.


    Imagine my surprise when someone from INFINITI FITNESS AND BEYOND called me-- out of the blues to invite me over for a special bloggers' preview to introduce the new gym and its myriad of facilities for pre-workout (chill' out with playstations, pool table,..), workout and post-workout (juice bar, Ogawa massage chairs, magazine & books..)

    I was honoured that Shoba, their Marketing Manager liked a post i did about INFINITI some time ago and was frantically looking for my contact...

    I couldnt go for the bloggers' preview but met up with her a few days later. She listened to my dilemma, my 'success' & my 'failure' and  guess what - i was given access to their nine personal trainers for a training session each with them.

    Nervous that I may not be able to live up to expectations and disappointing INFINITI, I hesitated.  But a little voice (my guardian angel) said - Go for it and do it with passion & earnestly and everything will fall into place. OK, Thanks Shoba & INFINITI.


    My first session (4 Oct 2013) was with CLINT, a Filipino personal trainer. Time for the TRUTH. I stepped on the InBody (body composition) machine. Relax, Clint reassured. And my fears were confirmed. I am now 63.3 kg. Oh no!! What's the significance of 63? Just before i started my first gym experience in 2006, I was also 63kg :(

    CLINT patiently explained to me the machine's findings, seeing that I was quite disheartened. Being an emphatic person, he said YES, i was over-weight...BUT my muscle mass was good. However, my body fat mass is way over.  The rest was a blur to me as he continued to analyse the result. I was slowly sinking into depression, ..and that cheesecake started to float in front of my eyes...  But NO.. I dragged my attention back to CLINT.

    FINAL ANALYSIS = i had to lose 14.8kg of FAT.

    Cant run away from that fact. But i promised myself 2 things .
    1) I will not beat myself up over this. It happens - deal with it
    2) Give no excuses - too much work, no energy, no motivation, getting old, ... Face it. Do something about it!

    So i asked CLINT. How ah?

    Another revelation -
    He asked if i have any medical issues. I told him of my diagnosed OA (osteoarthritis) and Archilles' heel pain (esp if i train hard).  THEN...for fat loss, my percentage of Exercise / Food intake would be different from the normal person.  For an average person: Exercise (cardio, strength training) = 60%, Food intake = 40%. For me? ... the reverse!!

    OK, dont panic!

    Some food intake tips from CLINT :
    • Drink green tea - antioxidant & helps rev up metabolism
    • Oatmeal -- Yucks! Pass..
    • Broccoli & salmon -- good protein source & Omega-3
    • Groundnuts - not those fried in oil or salt, but those we peel & eat for Chinese New Year
    • 2 eggs -- protein source. Especially when u train, to replenish muscle loss
    • Bananas -- full of nutrients
    • Watermelon - juice it with the skin radical! 
    • Carrots - juice it and leftover fibre can be made into veggie burger patties & baked..sounds yummy!
    Hey, I'm beginning to like this guy.... he knows his stuff!  ..and he can talk food :)

    Next, was the PT part. He started with some basic warm-up steps & slight stretching.

    We did many exercises with the medicine ball & fitball.(even jogged twice round their indoor running track):

    My fave being - "Figure 8"

     and Fitball push-up

    No photos for this BUT it was goood! Imagine me flat on the fitball with palms on the floor, body straight  and pumping, while trying to keep my balance. CLINT was at hand in case i slipped & roll over..haha.  Then he gave me a tip for training those hard to activate triceps (bat wings..some people call it). How?'d have to ask him yourself... hehe

    Being my chatty self, I asked, i enquired, i learned - he taught me sooo much in that short time.. Dos & donts, How & how much to do a routine.. He was obliging and i had a very inspiring time..  So much so that after the training, i came away FULL OF HOPE, FULL OF PASSION and MANAGED TO CONTROL MY BINGE-ING.

    Even spent a week doing a photo food journal & experimented and created HEALTHY RECIPES.. (this happened at the perfect timing as i have cleared most of my backlog work/NGO projects and had more time to dedicate to my 'self-repair') and spent more time on the cross-trainer.


    The results? .... next post.

    P.S. My apologies for wrongly spelling Infiniti Fitness & Beyond as Infinity Gym in the previous post.

    As u read this, it sad for me to report that this gym has closed down suddenly. I had not visited the gym for some time, due to my work load. For more of this, i link you to another blogger who has the story :

    Sunday, 13 October 2013

    Body by Science #1

    Obesity is not caused by lack of exercise but abundance of food paraphrase author of Body by Science. ..

    Ya lah..We simply eat too much (esp of the wrong kind). but tht doesnt mean we dont need to exercise...What it means is that we cant simply binge (stuff our face) with lots of calories and hope we can run it off the next day... We maybe could if we to run 100km in a day but then we would collapse n die of exhaustion!

    So watch what u eat! and dont give silly advice like.. Never mind u eat. tomoro go gym n run...

    Here's a review of the book

    A possible workout plan based on the findings of Body by Science

    Monday, 7 October 2013

    Working out with your dog!
    Wonder who will get more workouts done? As a gym member in the article commented : “It’s a bonding experience with the dog,” said David Essex, holding Windsor, a border collie-cattle dog mix. “It is more of a workout for us, more of a patience thing for them.”

    I've blogged more about this in

    CP : Maybe we can have a gym for 2 legged kids too. Parents & child bonding. So no excuse that u have no baby-sitter. Bring kids along for your workout. But of course they have to be well-trained to sit still and obedient... Hmm..on second thots,..maybe 4-legged furkids r easier to train!

    Saturday, 31 August 2013

    PIN this up at your office

    Thanks, Manoj Kaimal of Manasa Yoga

    MERDEKA for our body and mind
    Today, even as we celebrate and honor Malaysia’s historical moment of independence from foreign occupiers, let’s also work, in the current moment, on freeing our body and mind from its self-enslaving tendencies
    The teachings of Yoga gives its practitioners great tools to achieve true Merdeka of their body and mind. However, no thanks to perpetually encroaching deadlines, urgent emails and family responsibilities, many find it difficult to accommodate serious practice in their schedules. For such deskbound workaholics we share a few modified yoga postures today as a starting point. Done for a few minutes every two hours or so they will keep the body free of stiffness and provide enough energy for the day. 

    Freeing the body
    When we keep our arms a bit raised in front of us, such as when typing or driving, the chest, neck and shoulders are in a state of tension. This affects our posture, not to mention eventual pain in our upper back/neck muscles. The following postures can help free these problem spots.

    Seated chest stretch- fig 1
    • Seated on the chair, extend your left arm sideways and if possible hold the left corner of your table.
    • Exhaling gently turn your body to the right until you feel a good stretch along the left chest.
    • Hold the pose for 5 breaths and change side.
    • Repeat every 2 hours.

    Seated shoulder stretch- fig 2
    • Sitting towards the front edge of your chair lean slightly forward, and taking one arm at a time, extend them backward and over your backrest, and if possible interlace the fingers. If the back support of the chair is high, then just catch the outer edges of the chair with each hand.
    • Keep your upper arms reaching backward towards the wrist, at the same time opening your chest forward. Don’t allow the head to drop too much to the front.
    • Hold for a few breaths and repeat every 2 hours.

    Standing chest opener- Fig 3
    • Stand with your back to your table
    • Putting your hands on the table, walk a few steps away and inhaling lift your rib cage and arch your back. 
    • Stay for a few deep breaths. 
    • This posture counters the effect of what most of us do at work- head hanging forward, shoulders hunched and chest closed.

    Warrior on chair- Fig 4
    • Sit to the right edge of the chair.
    • Leaning your hands onto the table, extend the right leg backward. Make your right knee cap look straight downward, and right inner heel stretching backward. Slowly get your torso towards a more upright position. 
    • This is a very important position, as it lengthens the psoas muscles (hip flexors) which gets chronically short when we spend long hours every day in a seated position. Tight psoas affect everything from your posture to your breathing.
    • Repeat whenever you can.

    Seated chair paschimottanasan fig 5
    Our hamstrings, the muscles at the back of our thighs, shorten when the legs are bent, such as when we are seated in our chairs. Every now and then, sit towards the front edge of the chair, extend the legs fully to the front. Then gently bend forward and rest your arms or maybe even your forehead on the table. Fig 5.

    Freeing your breath-
    Whenever we are tensed our breathing gets shallow and most of us breathe up to 18 times a minute during work. This stimulates the stress response of the body (the sympathetic nervous response), which raises the blood pressure, tense muscles, provoke head aches, indigestion etc.

    One of the best ways to counter this is deep abdominal breathing. 
    • Sitting straight in the chair, put your right hand against the abdomen.
    • Inhale smooth to the length of around 5 seconds feeling the abdomen gently expand against the fingers, hold the breath for a moment and exhale for 5 seconds, feeling the stomach going inward. Take five deep breaths and repeat every two hours.
    • This whole breath takes around 12 seconds, and thus in one minute you will take only 5 breaths. This reduced number of deep breaths not only calms you down but will leave you feeling refreshed and sharp.
    • However, remember that abdominal breathing is not the only correct method of breathing. The breathing technique depends on the context.

    Freeing your innate goodness-
    Personal happiness depends very much on how we continuously relate to others in terms of our thoughts, words and deeds. 

    By developing a sense of respectful friendship for others (maitri), practicing compassion (karuna) and a sincere concern for welfare of others (mudita), we can reduce our own self-centeredness, which is the source of most of all our problems, and liberate our mind to free flexible state. 

    A state which allows us to flow with the various ups and downs of life with equanimity (upekshanam), see and enjoy the various positive things happening around, and eventually discover the true potential of our self.

    For enquiries, call 03-78064630.

    Wednesday, 26 June 2013

    Do your little bit of good where you are.

    It's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the


    ~~Desmond Tutu.

    Wednesday, 19 June 2013

    Only u can change yourself!

    Do watch this video.. Motivational weight loss video by the Thais. Very well made with good message.

    Tuesday, 11 June 2013

    Fitness Gadgets

    Are you a gadget freak? What's Fitbit, Jawbone, Bodymedia?

    Saturday, 1 June 2013

    Do it now!

    How true!

    Taken from FB of a gym in Bangsar, KL


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